We gladly present our Ad Libitum to all sushi lovers. It's a more 'at your pleasure & desire' buffet concept. All the food is freshly made right after your order, just like a la carte, but order as many times as you want, as much food as you can eat. Our Ad Libitum simply incl. all kinds of food in your menu. We wish you all have a 'best sushi in town' without walking, queuing and any awkward moment with empty tray of 'your food'.
Being a restaurant that is more than 'just making food', we are also against any kind of waste. Therefore we hope our guests only order as much as what they can eat. Therefore if you leave more than 3 pieces per table, we are not willing but decided to charge 10kr per piece leftover. It's not for our profit, but for a food saving concern.